My Dalgona Coffee

Last time I posted, I wrote about the newest internet sensation: the Dalgona Coffee. The original recipe, however, demands instant coffee and a whole lot of sugar. For someone who’s been drinking a lot of specialty coffee, a concentrate made up of instant coffee and sugar can be quite the flavor shock. For that reason, I decided to create my own version using a different approach.

The Dalgona Coffee is a super fluffy coffee smoothened on milk. The instant coffee and sugar together with the water eventually become fluffy if you whisk it long enough. When you use specialty coffee it’s hard to achieve the same effect, since it’s not as foamy as instant coffee. There is also a limited amount of instant specialty coffee, so my solution is obviously not to use specialty instant coffee. My solution is much cheaper and the ingredients are easily accessible.

I’ve never read this solution online at all, so I hope to be the first one posting about it since that would be pretty cool. Since the Dalgona coffee looks like meringue, I figured an Italian Meringue should be the easiest option since it partly consists of water. The Italian Meringue is:


4 part sugar, 2 part egg white and 1 part water. 

My solution is to exchange the water to a strong cold brew, brewed on specialty coffee. I brewed it on Pennybridge Roasters – Top Selection – Panama Las Lajones.

So the recipe for my Dalgona Coffee is the following:

32g egg white (I got that from one egg)

64g white sugar

16g cold brew

  1. Whisk the egg white until it gets foamy and leave it be.
  2. Heat the sugar and cold brew until it reaches 121 degrees Celsius.
  3. Begin whisking the egg white while pouring the syrup slowly until it cools downs and gets stiff. 
  4. Put it in a piping bag and pipe it over cold, frothed milk.
  5. Shave your favorite chocolate over the coffee drink.
  6. Enjoy!         



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