Traditional Dalgona Coffee

So there’s this new internet sensation called Dalgona Coffee, which is nice to see since it’s happening during this awful COVID-19 period in our lives. Unfortunately, it might be associated with this pandemic, but at least we have something we can enjoy together, which makes me thankful.

In this post I’ve done the traditional Dalgona Coffee, but if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that we’ll write the recipe in grams and nothing else haha!

The recipe for this one is very easy, it’s the following:

20g water 100 degrees Celsius
22g white sugar
6g of the best instant coffee you can get, try to get specialty if it’s available

Mix them all together and whip them like there’s no tomorrow. Try to whip in as much air as possible since you want it to get colder so the coffee will get stiffer. It’s like the process of making a meringue. I did this by hand (my fault) with a tiny whisk, and about 4 minutes I got to this.

So how did this taste? Since it’s instant coffee and I’ve trained my taste buds to drink specialty coffee so I got a huge shock. It’s to bitter and wrong for me, but if you like it, drink it! I mean it looks to beautiful and why shouldn’t you enjoy it.

However, since I can’t enjoy it and maybe you specialty coffee pals can’t as well, I’ve experimented and actually came to a conclusion to a good drink. I’ll post it as soon as possible!

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