It’s really hard to get the feeling for a coffee review when it’s this hot in Sweden, since where my apartment lies it’s around 30 degrees Celsius inside! So if I drink coffee, it’s exclusively cold coffee of any variety.

For today I wanted an Espresso, you can easy have it on ice but I wanted to do something different, so I looked for a few recipes and found @jimseven (James Hoffman) making a Shakerato, actually he did three but I wanted to do the simple and most common one.

His recipe was easy, it’s:

Approximately 40g Espresso (Double Espresso)
10g Simple syrup
2 drops saline


Use a shaker with a lot of ice, pour liquids in and shake up a frothy texture. Then strain it your favorite glass.

This is the recipe I used as a template; however I couldn’t do it fully since I don’t have saline solution ready with a pipette, so I just used one flake of sea salt.

So how was the drink? It’s pretty good but I actually prefer to skip the sugar since I like coffee unsweetened, but it’s as I wrote; pretty good. For a warm summer’s day the sugar might even help you haha!

This small glass I’m using is a Liqueur glass from Rona. This glass can only hold half of that drink but I usually share mine with my girlfriend so two Liqueur glasses are perfect for one recipe, I got mine from @barkonsultnordic.⠀⠀


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