Kafferäven Per Nordby – Subscription – Mwiria

The wait is over!!

Every month I wait for the moment to try the subscription coffee I buy from @kafferaven, they always choose coffee that’s in their peak (season wise) and it’s always something interesting. Because sometimes we got too much choices and stay on the same kind of taste profile, so let’s get adventurous and let them pick our coffee.

I’ve actually never tried coffee from the Mwiria Washing station before, and I have to say, this was really good. The juiciness from probably over 4 kinds of fruits was overwhelming. I brewed it manually, automatically with an electric filter brewer and it didn’t really matter, it was great every single time!

I got a lot of stone fruit from this coffee, but also some dark berry flavor like blackcurrant and blueberries. It’s very sweet yet it doesn’t have that sweetness that will be too much. Even though it has a lot of flavors going around I don’t get bored by this at all and this coffee is marked as the letter A for Adventurous.

As usual the coffee from these subscriptions from @kafferaven is making me so happy, it’s really nice to get a coffee that’s “seasonal”, and for me it’s a hit every time.


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