Costas of Sweden – Ethiopia

So last week I did a short video with the coffee I’m reviewing today. I had a bit of time over and wanted to record a chill coffee brewing video, today it’s a video again of course. I tried some different stuff but I really had to remove over half of it haha.

Anyways, this video is a bit shorter, but the main thing here is the coffee! The coffee is from @costas_of_sweden and it hits high levels for me personally. This coffee is from Ethiopia and one thing I love with coffee from Ethiopia is when it’s a natural process! It often have much more floral and earthy notes and this is exactly just that.

I brewed it with different kind of brewing methods and it works well with all of them really, however this is suited for a filter drip. With a Chemex or a V60 you’ll get a lot floral notes, also a mix of fruits from sweet apricot to citrus. One of the better coffees I’ve tried this year, can’t really remember far back… I drink a lot of specialty coffee, but this sticks out!

I bought my bag of coffee from my local coffee shop @kaffemastaren.

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