Slöinge Kafferosteri – Nduki Estate AB

The first of the trio was posted two weeks ago, it was sweet, and last week the second of their trio was a bit more acidic, and just by reading the description, I’m thinking that the third and last one will be a hybrid. But we also have to remember that all of these are from the same estate and I write that it differs in its sweetness and acidity, but it’s still close to each other because they’re basically family. However, when you drink them next to each other you will feel a difference.

When testing this coffee I got a bit surprised because I never expect to get a hint of fudge from Kenyan coffee, but I sure did in the end. It’s also acidic yet jammy, I get a lot of flashbacks to drinking Ethiopian coffee since it’s the same flavor profile, especially berries and jam.

Of all of the three I’m gonna say that the second one (Nduki Estate PB) was my favorite, it was more punchy in its acidity and it was what I loved most with Kenyan coffees!

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