Slöinge Kafferosteri – Nduki Estate AA

Now we’re back with another one of these trios! This time it’s the coffee roastery Slöinge Kafferosteri and their trio is all from the Nduki Estate from Kenya.

Today I’m reviewing the Nduki Estate AA. Without comparing it to the other two this has a very fine and acidic taste. It’s not overpowering in any way, it’s just clean in its acidity. This isn’t one of the acidic coffees that you’ve probably tried from Kenya, this is a more balanced Kenyan than the usual acidic Kenyan coffee.

For my brewing, I had the water at a higher temperature than I usually do with my other recipes. It enhances the citrus notes in the coffee in my opinion and I value that the most in this coffee, so try to have at least 95 when you brew it!

This was very pure in its taste and both sweet berries and acidic lime were apparent. A solid and very tasty coffee, I’m looking forward to the other two as well!

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