Costas of Sweden – Papua New Guinea

This is really weird, and the weird thing is that I’ve never posted coffee reviews about Costas roastery on Kaffenytt. I’ve tried it like 6 years ago and loved it, and it’s not been on the channels I usually buy from, buy this week I went to @kaffemastaren and found myself two lovely bags of coffee from that roaster.

Luckily I bought the two ones I really wanted and they were the last ones as well. Another first on Kaffenytt is actually that the coffee I’ll be writing about is from Papua New Guinea, and that’s a new origin we will be discovering in this post. So it’s just below the equator, and that’s interesting right? Other countries that we’ve tried coffee from are Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil… However, they all taste different though, so I really didn’t know what to think. So my immediate guess was something like a coffee from Indonesia.

So, was it a very rich and earthy coffee like the one I initially thought it would be? Not at all, it’s really tropical with its fruity notes; you get the typical tropical flavors from mango and a hint of pineapple, some red currant and actually some earthy notes.

The absolute best way to brew this is by using paper filter and a pour over method. The Chemex did what I think – the most justice we can do to this coffee, it was very pure in its flavors and you get a coffee to remember. I really enjoy this one and it’s a recommendation I stand behind.

@costas_of_sweden is an Instagram giant, and I really enjoy having him on my feed, it’s always a cool thing after another. Look him up and you’ll have a lot of pictures, reels and awesome experiments.


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