Espresso on milk and ice

It’s really hot in Sweden this week, and when it’s hot and you still want (or need) coffee, it’s preferably to drink cold coffee right?

However, you might’ve not had the time to make a cold brew the day before, so what can you do if you want to have something right now? One of the easier ways I know is nothing special really. It’s just filling a glass with a lot of ice, pour some milk, then set your glass under the espresso machine and go for it. It’s not harder than that, it’s important to have a lot of ice so the warmth from a freshly brewed espresso goes from hot to really cold really fast. Think of an espresso left on the counter until it’s cold, it will taste really bad, so from hot to cold fast is the way.

Well that’s for today’s post, no review just an easy way to get your coffee cold and great under these warm days. You could fluff the milk if you want, you could also use a syrup to enhance the sweetness, but for today it’s just easy peasy. You could also use filter coffee if you want, but make it at least double strength.

For my espresso I used The Hobo from @gringonordic, since it’s still one of my favorites!

The glass is called NUDE Finesse DOF 390 ml from @raisethebarsweden⠀⠀


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