Kafferäven Per Nordby – Subscription – Nduki Estate

The second coffee from @kafferaven subscription box from June is a coffee from Kenya. It’s from a farm I’ve had coffee from before and you might as well, it’s the lovely farm called Nduki Estate and I only good things to say about their coffee.

Every time I taste coffee from Nduki Estate, it’s very acidic (in a good way) and you’ll get so much berry flavor, from both raspberry and redcurrant.

Last time I wanted a balanced coffee so for this week it’s tagged as the letter “A”, it’s A for Adventurous. This is of course more edgy than what the Colombian coffee was; this is a more “I want an acidic coffee” kind of coffee. While the other one is an everyday coffee. So depending on you and what day it is, you got a lovely choice between these two.

The acidity really shines through with this Kenyan coffee, if you drink water afterwards; the water itself is pretty good.



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