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It’s the 16th of June and the June Box from @kafferaven is ready to drink! The coffee was roasted 1st June and you want to wait at least 10 days for it to rest so you’ll get a developed flavor.

When I had to choose which one to begin with I had to pick the Colombian coffee of the two. I just felt that I had to pick the balanced bag of coffee, since it’s marked “B” (for balanced).

These kinds of coffee makes you really happy, because you can literally brew it any way you want, it will still have a really high standard. Now I’m writing this review of the coffee and I made an espresso with 1:2 ratio, timed it to 26 seconds and it’s really good. You get a lot of nutty flavors like hazel, almond but also something sweet, like a mix of sweet berries, and of course the clearest taste is chocolate.

For me, at this very moment of what I want to taste in a coffee mid-June, it’s really perfect. A balanced coffee with good sweetness, enough acidity and a lovely balance overall.




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