Coffee Labs Roasters – El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed P92

This might be my favorite from the roasters at this very moment. It’s sweet and also very sharp in it’s cacao flavor. I would actually say that you get a darker roast than light roast, at least in how we in Sweden view specialty coffee.

A small recap about Coffee Labs Roasters:
“This is pretty cool actually, because I don’t usually get coffee from outside Europe and what’s even cooler is that I knew about today’s posts star before I even went into hardcore Specialty Coffee. Today’s post is about a lovely bag of coffee from the New York Metropolitan area called Coffee Labs!

Even though I’ve known about Coffee Labs for probably over 15 years, I’ve actually never tried their coffee. So getting three bags of coffee with a roaster I’ve wanted to try for years is pure joy for a person like me.”

Back to the coffee I’m reviewing!

I’ve had some bad luck with coffee from El Salvador, only a few times I’ve had a really good cup of coffee. In this case it’s one of those few times. It’s very balanced and has a lot of richness to it. Sometimes you could say that a coffee tastes like chocolate or cocoa or cacao. And in this case it’s rich cacao which makes it pretty lovely.

Brewing this was pretty fun, everything I used was great. But I really liked unfiltered brews like as an espresso or as a french pressed coffee.




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