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Alright! So it’s the second post for May subscription. It’s the second of June and for June’s month’s box I’ll post them on the right month haha!

Let’s begin with quoting the last times post:

“When I first read that Kafferaven had started a Subscription service I really had to try the first months! It’s just something you have to because it’s one of my all time favorites when it comes to specialty coffee roasters.

Their thing about the subscription is that “you will get a monthly delivery of two coffees that we are extra excited about right now”. What I like about this is that it’s not tailored for what I like, this is what the people from Kafferaven are extra excited about, which means that we all get the same coffee and we might like something that we didn’t think we would.”


Wow… Just Wow! This coffee was really on point on what I want in a coffee from Ethiopia. It’s so peachy and has an acidity that’s just perfect.

My absolute favorite way of drinking this was by brewing it with the Chemex. Since the filtering with a Chemex produces a much more “pure” and clean taste. This isn’t something I always prefer, but for the peachy, fruity and sweet coffee it’s a perfect fit.


I think that the 17th will be the day June’s box will be reviewed!

Don’t forget to subscribe to @kafferaven for their monthly service, by doing that we can compare notes and/or recipes!


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