Eguale – Espresso Bukoba Blend

On Monday I published a post on Instagram (click here) writing that I received sorted items from eguale. It had three bags of coffee and three bars of chocolate as well.

Today I’ll only write about the espresso roast. To get as much taste from the espresso roast as possible I had to pull it as an espresso (of course). I also tried it with my Moka pot and wacacao nanopress. It did good! It has a good espresso in it, it’s good for its price.

The coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta from the countries Mexico, Peru and Tanzania. It contains Robusta from Tanzania and Arabica from the other two.

They’ve written on their bag that the coffee has a powerful aroma with sweet notes of chocolate and elements of freshly sawed oak. This is a really nice description, I mean freshly sawed oak sounds amazing in my opinion.  There are two types of espresso in this modern time, there are the old Italian style and the modern fruity with sweet notes. This reminds me more of the old Italian way, it’s a bit more traditional and combines better with coffee drinks such as a cappuccino for instance.

I will end on the same note as yesterday:

Is this better than specialty coffee? Well it’s more difficult to say than yesterday. Sometimes I want a traditional espresso and not a sweet with a lot of fruit in it. So it depends on the day, if I want espresso to go I’ll choose this traditional type of espresso. However, if I just want to enjoy a moment outside just sitting down, I’ll prefer the sweet modern one.

I also tried all types of chocolate to this coffee and the best one suited for an espresso is normal dark chocolate, this suited the best!

This was all my three reviews connected to eguale. I hope that these kind of reviews were interesting since I’ve been only reviewing specialty coffee. This is more affordable and might get you to try specialty coffee in the future.

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