Gåshaga Kafferosteri – Colombia Single Origin

I’m back again! After I turned ill I couldn’t really review coffee at all. The review wouldn’t have been correct or professional. However, I’m good right now and I think it’s about time we go through the review.

This coffee comes from Gåshaga Kafferosteri, I’ve actually never heard of them before and it might be because they changed the name from Bonver Entertainment to Gåshaga Kafferosteri this year. another interesting bit is that they also changed their business from renting out videos to roasting coffee.

The coffee is different from what I’m used to. I’m used to Scandinavian light roast, which is lighter than normal “light roast”. This feels to be on the level of dark roast, something I can’t appreciate as much as I could 10 years ago. At least when I’m talking about a pour-over brew.

However, this coffee is quite good as an espresso or an easy cold brew. I actually think that this coffee is more suited as a cold brew, so the recipe for this coffee will be a cold brew recipe.

Information and recipe for the coffee:

Origin: Colombia
Variety: Arabica, Typica
Producer: –
Region: Tolima
Process: –
Altitude: 1 500 – 1 800 masl.

Cold Brew:

There are two different ways of brewing cold brew when it’s a lighter roast you should adjust the ratio. This is such a dark roast that you can use much less water than a light roast. An example:

200 grams of coffee (coarse)
1 000 grams of water
Let it steep for at least 18 hours, up to a maximum of 36 hours.

After you’ve steeped the coffee for 18 to 36 hours, you should at least filter it twice. First you should strain it with a metal sieve to get rid of all the big grounds of coffee (also known as boulders), after that, you should filter it through a coffee filter (Melitta, Hario.. This doesn’t matter) to get rid of the finer bits of coffee (also known as fines). If you want an even cleaner cup you should filter it through a coffee filter again. This is totally up to you if you ask me; it depends on the coffee.

So the ratio is 1:5, 1 part coffee to 5 parts of water.

This cold brew will be a very strong concentrate, so you shouldn’t drink this without mixing it with cold water, cold whipped milk or a lot (I mean a lot) of ice.

Rating: 5.0/10


You can also use the concentrate to drink the coffee hot. Just pour boiling water (the amount of your choice) on the concentrate and enjoy it hot.

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