Johan & Nyström – Julkaffe 2023

This might be an early post, but it’s more of a reminder that you can get your Christmas Coffee (Julkaffe) from @johanochnystrom early so you’re ready for Christmas!

I’ll quote what I wrote in my post from last year. I hope you’ll be interested enough to get your coffee game on point for Christmas!

“I mean since it’s Christmas day today, and it’s more common to celebrate this than what we do in Sweden (Christmas Eve). Let’s take our time and drink a Christmas coffee blend instead. So today I’ve chosen to drink Julkaffe (Christmas coffee) from @johanochnystrom. This coffee suits everyone! It’s not as light as I usually drink and the light roasted coffee can be a bit to light for almost everyone I know in my family so this suits everyone perfectly!

Personally I prefer lighter when it comes to the roast, but if I’m going to drink a darker roast, it has to be high quality beans and that’s what this is. I’m very happy with it and the whole family has been drinking this today and even a bit yesterday as well.

I know that I said that I would do normal posts and all, but this felt like it suited a special day like today!

Merry Christmas!


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