Kafferosteriet Götheborg – Fransmannen

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I need to try some new coffee roasters, ones I have no experience with. So the idea here was to find a coffee that is not too expensive and can suit most people. That way, many can try coffee from them and maybe find a roastery that suits them.

Since I’m trying a coffee machine from Delonghi, I was looking for a coffee that could be good as espresso, and that led me to “Fransmannen” from Kafferosteriet Götheborg.

It is typically French roast and has slightly burnt tones for me, but friends who have tried it have liked it a lot! They write on the front of the coffee bag that it is exemplary for a Café au lait, and I can understand that, as it goes best with frothed milk.

I also think the price for 500g was quite good, so I will likely try more from the coffee roastery’s assortment in the future!

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