Kafferaven – Advent Calendar – Day 14 – SENEL CAMPOS

Day 14 – @Kafferaven Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

It’s really fun to drink another Costa Rican coffee again!

I’ve actually tried this before and I had it as late as July this year. Kafferaven has sold this coffee for 7 seasons and it’s not weird at all since it’s a very good coffee.

If you look at their original 250g bag you can read that the coffee is categorized as the letter B for Balance and that really shines through, it’s a lot of nougaty and chocolaty. It’s brilliant as a French press or even as an espresso. Those two brewing method has been my favorite; I’ve actually preferred to brew with the Espro since less particles goes into your cup. In other words, a brewing method without paper filter makes this coffee shine.

A balanced coffee for a cold Wednesday, I’m happy with today’s coffee, let’s see what they have for us tomorrow!

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