Kafferaven – Advent Calendar – Day 8 – El Avion

Day 8 – @Kafferaven Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Yeay!! Another Nicaraguan coffee! Today we have El Avion which is a bit different than what I’m used to. The reason behind it is that I usually drink natural or honey processed Nicaraguan coffee and El Avion is using the washed process. The flavor will not be as strong as Day 6 coffee (La Picona), this is softer and has a more rounded flavor.

When cupping the coffee I got a lot of nutty notes, especially almond and a bit of cashew. It has a bit of sweetness, I would’ve preferred higher sweetness, but it’s still a soft and good coffee. So if you brew this coffee you could easily brew it with the 4:6 method with your Hario V60, just change the recipe in the beginning to make it sweeter and the coffee will shine!

I hope you had an amazing coffee experience as well, see you tomorrow!

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