Kafferaven – Advent Calendar – Day 9 – Nduki Estate

Day 9 – @Kafferaven Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

An intersting thing about today’s coffee is that I was really yearning for an acidic coffee with a lot of berry and jammy notes. That was my thoughts in the morning at work and drinking it 1-2 hours after lunch I got exactly what I wanted.

I’ve tried this coffee before and I really love coffee from Nduki Estate. I’ve tried coffee from that farm from other roasters as well, and it’s always very acidic (in a good way) and you’ll get so much berry flavor, from both raspberry and redcurrant. Today I got a much more depth in the currant flavor, it was more towards black currant to be honest (which is my top 3 berry haha).

As I always say while drinking acidic and crisp coffee: “The acidity really shines through with this Kenyan coffee, if you drink water afterwards; the water itself is pretty good.”

I hope you had an amazing coffee experience as well, see you tomorrow!

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