Kafferäven Per Nordby – Subscription – El Cambalache

It’s not my first time drinking El Cambalache from Kafferäven (It’s not the second or third either hehe). I’ve tried it in many process variations from Washed, Natural to what today’s review is; Honey.

As you know El Cambalache from Kafferäven Per Nordby has one of my favorite coffee beans, and it’s the Maracaturra. It’s not because it often has a complex taste to it or anything regarding the taste at all. It’s because of its huge bean size, it’s a joy to pick out double or triple the size of a coffee bean rather than the small one.

The honey process is more difficult to brew compared to washed or natural, I had to change a lot of things like blooming time, grind size. However, when I got the recipe correct the taste was awesome.

I tried it without any info on what the roastery had in their description of the coffee. This is something I always do, I just want to clear that out, and later on, I try to feel the notes they do describe.

The sweetness was very pleasant and its complexity was amazing to try out. For me this was the best coffee from the subscription box, but I’m so biased haha!


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