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A new month, means a new subscription box from kafferaven. This means that I get to get surprised of what I’m getting to drink this month. Out of these two there’s actually a favorite of mine in it, but that one will be seen next week instead.

You might’ve noticed that it’s getting more and more reels from me on Instagram, you have to stay fresh with the content and reels is getting more and more interesting. It’s actually something I’ve dreaded for a while, but now I’m actually enjoying it A LOT! So there will be some creative freedom that might look odd, but hey! I’m learning.

Over to the coffee!

Here you’ll get an Ethiopian that I’m not used to. It’s more citrus than filled with notes of berries or jam. It’s pretty floral though. Brewing it with an Aeropress made it shine, it was the only brewing method of making it have notes of Seville orange, super neat!

As usual the coffee from these subscriptions from @kafferaven is making me so happy, it’s really nice to get a coffee that’s “seasonal”, and for me it has almost been a hit every time.

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