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This coffee is actually from the Subscription box by Kafferaven from December. Since I did the advent calendar every day I couldn’t get it to fit in. However, we’ll do it now and you might have some left in your cupboard. So let’s drink it together!

Today’s coffee is from Costa Rica, which is one of my favorite origins! We’re drinking a honey processed coffee for a second time from this box.

Last time I wrote about honey-processed coffee in a post was:

“Honey process is actually something that we often see in Costa Rican coffee, you could almost say that they’re the experts when it comes to honey process. For today’s brew I used my Chemex to get the clearest flavors I can achieve while also making the cleanest brew.”

So I used my Hario dripper that looks like a miniscule Chemex and it worked out great as well. I got a lot of green apple, chocolate and stone fruit!

As usual the coffee from these subscriptions from @kafferaven is making me so happy, it’s really nice to get a coffee that’s “seasonal”, and for me it has almost been a hit every time.

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