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It’s the third time I review Lykke and it’s for some reason another Brazilian from them haha! But it’s so good, so I had to pick it up. I like my first introduction to Lykke so I’ll keep using that one for this as well, lets go:

“I’ve been wanting to review Lykke Kaffegårdar for a while now, one of the biggest reasons is that the former CEO from Swedish Coffee Giant Johan & Nyström is behind this project as well. How cool is that??”

Brazilian coffee is something that I drink a lot, so I often write if I prefer traditional taste notes or more floral. This coffee surely is traditional in its flavors (which I prefer), it’s nutty, chocolatey, and has a dark syrup flavor. Simple and great, exactly as I like it. When I edited the picture I got to a weird place and I want to keep it that way since the coffee is called OJ, which means “woops” in Swedish. So of course I’ll lend you a woops edit as well. Let’s see the cupping notes in their description:


First I’ll cup the coffee which means that I’ll try to find different flavors in the coffee. Just to give you as a reader a hint of understanding of what I go through. I’ll also write how to do a cupping. You can read that below:

When I do a cupping I do the following:

1) Grind 11 g coffee in a medium-coarse grind, I’ll remember the coffee’s fragrances now when it is dry to compare with the let grounds later.
2) Pour 180 g of water at a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.
3) Let it sit for 4 minutes.
4) Stir 3 times and try to find as many scents.
5) Remove all foam that’s formed on the top.
6) Wait for 6 minutes so the coffee cools down and to let the coffee grounds fall down to the bottom, then I’ll take my first slurp with a deep spoon. The idea is that you will spray the coffee inside your mouth. That way you will be able to easily recognize the tones contained in the coffee.
7) Wait for 6 minutes and do the same procedure, the reason behind step 7 is that it’s the most optimal time for tasting coffee. If the coffee is still good after 12-15 minutes, then it is a high-quality coffee!

Cupping notes for Brazil Caparaó:

Information and recipe for the coffee Brazil Caparaó:

Region: –
Altitude:  masl

Pour Over for Brazil Caparaó:

20 g coffee
300 g filtered water
60 g blooming 45 seconds
92 degrees Celsius

1) Pour 60g water for blooming for 45 seconds.
2) 45 seconds in, begin your second pour of 60g of water.
3) 1 minute and 30 seconds in,  begin your third pour of 60g of water.
4) 2 minutes and 15 seconds in,  begin your fourth pour of 60g of water.
5) 3 minutes in,  begin your fifth pour of 60g of water.
6) Stop the dripper at 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

*Always rinse the paper filter with filtered hot water, don’t forget to wash the coffee server with clean water afterward, because the taste of the paper might linger.

Brazil Caparaó Review:


Rating: 6.5/10

The rating is only based on taste and quality and is not based on price.

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