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Last time I reviewed Muttley & Jack’s was in the middle of May, and at that time I tried their Peruvian Finca La Palta. If I remember correctly it had a very complex flavor, a lot like coffee from Nicaragua. This Colombian coffee should be the opposite of complex, I believe it’s a sweet and chocolatey one. At least just by smelling from the bag. However, now it’s time for Santa Rosa!

When I picked up this bag I wanted to try their other Colombian coffee they had available, it’s always interesting to know which is the tastiest. Simple as that! When I tried this coffee for the first time I got that “good coffee feeling”, it’s because it tastes like a tasty Colombian coffee is supposed to. It was way sweeter than I had expected and I thought that there would be some chocolate, which wasn’t as easy to notice as I had initially thought. It was more like toasted nuts.

Usually, I try it without any info on what the roastery had in their description of the coffee. But when I put an order I actually read what the profile was, but when I picked up the bag, I did it all randomly so I would still say I didn’t know since it was a blind test.

It’s very easy to drink and it has a lovely balance between sweet, acidity, and toasted nuts. It has buttery characteristics which make it perfect to drink with all kinds of foods from sweet to savory. Let’s review what they wrote as their description:

“Black Cherry, Hazelnut & Mandarin”

First I’ll cup the coffee which means that I’ll try to find different flavors in the coffee. Just to give you as a reader a hint of understanding of what I go through. I’ll also write how to do a cupping. You can read that below:

When I do a cupping I do the following:

1) Grind 11 g coffee in a medium-coarse grind, I’ll remember the coffee’s fragrances now when it is dry to compare with the let grounds later.
2) Pour 180 g of water at a temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.
3) Let it sit for 4 minutes.
4) Stir 3 times and try to find as many scents.
5) Remove all foam that’s formed on the top.
6) Wait for 6 minutes so the coffee cools down and to let the coffee grounds fall down to the bottom, then I’ll take my first slurp with a deep spoon. The idea is that you will spray the coffee inside your mouth. That way you will be able to easily recognize the tones contained in the coffee.
7) Wait for 6 minutes and do the same procedure, the reason behind step 7 is that it’s the most optimal time for tasting coffee. If the coffee is still good after 12-15 minutes, then it is a high-quality coffee!

Cupping notes for Santa Rosa:
Rosehip, Vanilla & rich in its complexity.

Information for the coffee Santa Rosa:

Origin: Colombia
Variety: Castillo
Producer: –
Region:  Nariño
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2 240 masl.

Pour Over recipe for Santa Rosa: 

20g coffee coarse grind
300g of filtered water
40g bloom 90 seconds
91 degrees Celsius

1) Pour 40g water for blooming for 90 seconds.
2) 90 seconds in, begin your continuous center pour of 240g of water.
3) Stop the dripper at 4 minutes and 15 seconds

*Always rinse the paper filter with filtered hot water, don’t forget to wash the coffee server with clean water afterward, because the taste of the paper might linger.

Santa Rosa Review:

After Quite interesting that they have the altitude to the meter! It doesn’t matter but it’s a fine touch.

The coffee is very complex and has a resemblance to Nicaraguan coffee. It’s sweeter than that, but it’s the closest. The coffee is very good and it can handle high temperatures in a siphon and I would recommend you to use it as much as you can. However, a good buy!


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