The Hobo – Revisit

I’m trying a lot of different espresso coffees for the review of the @delonghisverige machine, Eletta Explore, for @prisjakt.

So what I’m actually trying to use is espresso coffee I really like and that’s proven to deliver an awesome espresso. One of the best espressos, in my opinion, is The Hobo from @gringonordic.

I’m so happy with this picture I took like 2 years ago that I’ll probably never update it whenever I post about The Hobo.

The coffee is really tasty, and the chocolate really comes through while brewing an espresso. It’s an all-time favorite for me and probably will be for a long time. Nice to see that the Eletta Explore delivers great coffee as well. I’ll try to customize the machine soon to get even better extraction!

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