Cold Vanilla Latte

There’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long while. Every time I work out at the gym, I don’t want warm coffee; I always want something cold—pour over, over ice, or a cold brew.

However, today, I wanted something cold with milk, and I was lazy. So the simple solution was to use the DeLonghi machine, just something with an espresso. I also wanted some flavor, so I chose to use my homemade vanilla syrup.

What you do is espresso first, syrup later, and stir, then with the milk and ice in a shaker. It’s important to never dilute the drinks with warm liquid on ice; that’s why you end with it.

So for my vanilla latte recipe:

1 part espresso
2 parts milk (or 3 parts if you want it less strong)

In my case, it was:

35g brewed Espresso
70g milk
2cl vanilla syrup
Just do it in the order I wrote above, and you’ll have a lovely coffee drink.

The beans I used are called Bob-O-Link from @johanochnystrom, which works perfectly for this. The machine used is called Eletta Explore from @delonghisverige, the machine is a product I’m reviewing for @prisjakt, and you’ll probably hear more about it later!


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