NKONGE hill coffee from Long Miles Coffee in Burundi is sweet, bright, and has fruity flavors of passion fruit and yellow plum. It’s grown at a high altitude and dried in the shade for several weeks after harvest.

I would describe Burundi Nkonge as an a-typical natural processed coffee. That’s where the beans are dried in their cherries, resulting in a distinct flavor profile. At Heza, the beans are processed using the Honey method, which involves an initial step of density-sorting to remove any cherries that are not perfectly ripe. This is achieved by floating the cherries in water, where unripe or overripe ones float to the surface, allowing for easy removal. This meticulous process ensures that only the highest quality cherries are used, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience. Which made me so happy when I cupped the coffee, even now when I have the flu I could feel some lovely notes from the coffee.

When you brew this with your Chemex, it will get as pure as you want it, it’s very tasty and I really recommend that brewing method!


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