Johan & Nyström – Espresso – FTO

Johan & Nyström’s espresso blend, called FTO, is a full-bodied coffee with rich notes of chocolate and sweet fruitiness. The flavor is well-balanced and smooth, with a steady and sharp quality.

Oh, by the way, the reason why I’m trying out espresso beans at the moment is because I’m reviewing a bean-to-cup espresso machine from @delonghisverige for @prisjakt. Having a lot of espresso coffee at home has been really nice since you have to tweak the machine a bit to get that strong espresso flavor that you seek in an espresso.

Back to the coffee! The high-quality beans used in this espresso have been carefully grown and harvested by farmers who prioritize sustainability and biodiversity on their farms. The blend of coffee from Central or South America, East Africa, and Brazil creates a unique flavor profile that is recognizable even as the origin changes throughout the year. The beans are roasted to bring out the best possible flavors and ensure a consistent taste. Overall, this espresso is an excellent choice for any coffee lover.

The coffee works well with the Delonghi Magnifica S. I tried the coffee in a semi-pro machine, and it turned out really good, so I knew what the “standard” the coffee had. The machine doesn’t provide you with an espresso; it produces a drink that is similar to a blend of strong coffee and espresso, almost like a moka. However, the FTO worked out really well, and you still got that well-balanced, smooth, and chocolatey coffee!

Next week, I’ll try another espresso!

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