THE LONG MILES TRIO BOX – Burundi – Gishubi

This particular coffee originates from the Gishubi hill located in northern Burundi and boasts fruity notes of raspberry, blood orange, and brown sugar that provide a lively taste experience.

Burundi Gishubi is a type of coffee that undergoes a washing process, which involves removing the pulp and washing the beans before drying. This meticulous process greatly impacts the taste of the coffee. To ensure that only perfectly ripe cherries are used, the coffee is sorted twice upon arrival at the washing station. The peel and pulp are removed, and the coffee is allowed to dry ferment for approximately 12 hours under controlled conditions. After this, it undergoes a second fermentation for 24 hours while submerged in water to loosen the mucilage layer attached to the bean. The coffee is then rinsed and sorted again to remove any defects. Subsequently, the coffee is placed on raised beds for two to three weeks to dry. This entire process requires significant attention to detail and sets high-quality washing stations apart from the rest. The end result is an exquisite specialty coffee with a wide range of nuanced flavors.

I really loved this coffee as a pour over, I really felt a huge amount of fruity impact! Especially raspberries and blood orange!


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