Another exciting Johan & Nyström coffee post!

Another exciting Johan & Nyström coffee post! Long Miles Coffee has released three new exciting coffees, all from their Heza washing station in Burundi. These coffees, NKONGE, GITWE, and GISHUBI, each come from different hills and undergo different post-harvest processing, resulting in unique flavor profiles.

Each box contains 90g of each coffee so that coffee enthusiasts can experience them side by side. The coffees’ clarity, juiciness, and vibrant fruity flavors make them a must-try.

NKONGE hill coffee from Long Miles Coffee in Burundi is sweet, bright, and has fruity flavors of passion fruit and yellow plum. It’s grown at a high altitude and dried in the shade for several weeks after harvest.

Burundian GITWE hill coffee is sourced from 637 farmers at an elevation of 1900 meters. It is pulped, sealed, stirred, and then dried, resulting in a sweet, fruity coffee with flavors of blackberry and nectarine.

GISHUBI hill coffee is grown in Burundi at an altitude of 2200 meters near Kibira forest. The coffee is pulped and left in open basins for 24-48 hours, then carefully dried, resulting in a vibrant and fruity coffee with flavors of raspberry, blood orange, and caramel.


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