In April the 14th last year I posted a review of Kafferaven’s Easter coffee, and sometimes I try to see how coffee can develop flavors over time. So without any special equipment to close the bag tighter, I relied on the bags own closing mechanism.

How is a coffee after opening it for over 10 months ago?
– In short? Really good and juicy!

How does the taste differ from last time? I mean, in April I had a very ferment like flavor. However, today it’s softer and the ferment like flavor is pretty much gone.

I like this kind of testing, sometimes the coffee tastes better, and in this case I would promote the coffee in April of course. However, sometimes coffee from Africa, especially Guji (Ethiopia) has been better if you wait a while. It will get juicer and the berries will be more elevated.

Always a joy to try coffee from @kafferaven. I hope you liked the video and also the text as well!

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