Budhas Kafferosteri – Aricha Washed Roasted

This will be the eleventh time Budhas Kafferosteri enters kaffenytt, who is one of my favorite coffee roasters. Last time I reviewed Budhas Kafferosteri was this summer and it was a coffee from Burundi. Today’s post will be a bit different then my usual reviews. This time I got a sample of a coffee which is an Ethiopoian coffee Aricha (Yirgacheffe), I’ve cupped it a few times and liked it every time, it’s really tasty.

However, the flavors were very typical for a Yirgacheffe, lovely acidity, nice floral notes, chocolatey aroma with a mid-complexity to it. I only tried it as a pour-over and I really think that’s where it truly shines. It’s light with a great mouthfeel.

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